i2i Data Available on African Country Registration

Two new databases on the African registration landscape for Vector Control tools have been made available by i2i. The first of these is a Pan-African landscape which includes the following information:

  • High-level view of registration authority for 48 countries and registration requirements for 20 countries
  • Summary of registration challenges for VC products across the continent based on over 130 interviews and in-country visits
  • Summary table of the VC registration authorities, process, and requirements for 12 focus countries

The second database available focusses in more detail on the registration processes within 12 countries. This set of materials includes the following information:

  • Summary sheet of the registration authorities and process for VC for each country, including relevant collaborative efforts
  • Overview of the key authorities and legislation
  • Detailed registration process: Pre-submission, Submission, Assessment and Inspection, Registration and Post-registration
  • Description of process variations and exceptions
  • Dossier overview
  • Detail on enabling environment:
  • Human resources and technical capability
  • Financial resources
  • Governance and accountability

The databases can be found here on the Country Registration page.

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