Vector Control Professional Placement Programme

The Vector Control Professional Placement Programme, an initiative of Innovation to Impact and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will support researchers from malaria endemic African countries to undertake research with product developers of vector control tools.

The Programme will offer fully funded placements to professionals already working in vector control at African research institutes to learn from industry partners and to share knowledge from their home countries. This is an opportunity for researchers to learn best practice skills while directly contributing to the development of global health interventions.

Researchers will be seconded at the industry partner and will complete placements of 12 months before returning to their home institute to enable knowledge transfer.

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  • Build professional capacity of the researchers and raise awareness of the regulatory, safety and manufacturing issues that must be considered by product developers.
  • Increase the existing capacity of African research institutes to contribute to malaria and vector control discovery and product development initiatives through more sustainable and localized innovation.


Participation in the Vector Control Professional Placement Programme offers a range of benefits to researchers, including:

  • A fully funded placement with a locally competitive salary, accommodation, insurance, visas, and support for accompanying family members;
  • The opportunity to develop in-demand skills in vector control product development, business planning, quality assurance, regulatory affairs as well as soft skills;
  • Training on areas such as R&D best practices, business planning and products lifecycle, as well as mentoring support;
  • Networking and the two-way sharing of knowledge with local and international researchers

Support to partners and home research institutes

  • Industrial partners wishing to join the initiative will receive full funding from the Programme.
  • Home research institutes bear no costs associated with the Programme.


Further information

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