Methods Validation

Current Priorities

  • Facilitate development and publication of new validation processes
  • Establish an I2I Method Validation Group with country field testing teams; academic research teams; product developers and regulatory representatives;
  • Develop and publish new validation frameworks for Vector Control evaluation methods;
  • Develop and publish Vector Control methods landscaping documentation;
  • Identify and validate most appropriate dual AI ITN bioassay methodologies;
  • Coordinate evaluation of ITN physical durability testing methodologies and requirements by WHO PQ
Conducting entomological collections during IRS campaign, Ethiopia, 2014


  • First I2I Phase 2 Method validation group convened;
  • New method validation frameworks developed and published;
  • Initial method validation priority list developed;
  • Vector Control methods landscaping document developed;
  • Dual AI bioassay methodologies for target ITN classes validated;
  • Physical durability testing methodologies evaluated by WHO PQ;
Community Health Volunteers collecting larvae, Liberia, 2018