I2I works with numerous organisations and stakeholders to promote product innovation, efficiency, quality, and dialogue within the landscape of available vector control tools.

By proactively identifying bottlenecks and working with vector control stakeholders to develop inclusive and effective solutions, I2I can affect meaningful change to the systems that underpin the vector control ecosystem. As a neutral partner in this space, I2I can take on issues that fall ‘between the cracks’ of the mandates of others and facilitate solutions that are owned by those who will implement them. 

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Credit: Charlotte Blakeburn, I2I, 2023.


Since 2016, I2I has collaborated with international organizations, regional economic communities, local non-profit organizations, and country regulators to help optimize access to vector control tools. During this time, I2I has successfully supported WHO to establish their new prequalification process (PQ) for vector control, by including a diverse array of stakeholders to ensure the system was understood and supported to succeed. Further work has focused on identifying opportunities to engage with endemic country regulators to better streamline regulatory frameworks for new tools and raise awareness of the PQ process and dossier. More recently, I2I has catalysed stakeholders to address ITN quality and performance issues, reports of which have caused much consternation and reduced trust in these products at country level. 

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Credit: Brant Stewart, RTI

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