Best Practice SOPs for Testing Vector Control Products

Best Practice SOPs on the testing of LLINs and IRS products have now been made available on the Laboratory Testing Infrastructure page.

The GLP workstream is sharing what it sees as best practice from various testing sites around the world.

The SOPs for LLINs and IRS represent the fruition of a long collation and review process, led by Alex Wright (consultant to i2i) and with oversight from Graham Small (IVCC) and input from a wide range of experts.

It is hoped that these SOPs will prove useful to testing sites, helping to contribute to the harmonisation of testing practices and ultimately improving the reliability of data produced in the evaluation of these life-saving tools.

The SOPs will be reviewed in the future when sites have had a chance to use them. You can find details of how to give feedback here.

Best Practice SOPs for the testing of larvicides and space sprays are now being developed and will be shared by the end of the year.

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