Working on insecticides for mosquito control? Submit your contribution for publication in the special issue of Insects

The journal Insects is welcoming contributions on the latest developments of using insecticides for mosquito control.

Insecticides have played a crucial role in reducing the burden of mosquito-borne diseases across the world. In particular, both insecticide-treated nets and indoor residual spraying are very important in controlling vector populations in endemic areas. However, the emergence of insecticide resistance threatens the gains we made in the fight against malaria, filariasis, and arboviruses. Mosquitoes are rapidly developing resistance towards all the major active ingredients currently used in vector control. As a consequence, big efforts are being made to develop novel compounds and innovative ways of deploying insecticides to fight insecticide resistance. But we also need more robust evidence and reliable procedures for evaluating their efficacy both in the laboratory and the field. This is also the philosophy at the core of Innovation to Impact.

Submit your contribution now!

To collect the latest evidence on this urgent topic, submissions are open for the issue “Insecticides for Mosquito Control: Strengthening the Evidence Base. The issue is published in the peer-reviewed journal Insects, and is guest edited by Dr. Rosemary S. Lees of our Methods Validation workstream.

The special issue aims to publish the most recent evidence about the use of insecticides in mosquito control. What’s the impact of insecticide resistance on mosquito control? How can we use data to better inform the implementation of insecticide-based tools? How can we develop methods to better assess and validate these tools?

If you work in this area and you have new data or insights to share, you can submit your contribution until the 30th September 2021. You can contribute in various ways: with a research article, a review, or a short communication. You can find more information on the submission process on the issue webpage here.

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