Launch of the WHO Collaborative Registration Procedure for Vector Control Products pilot scheme

Following the success of I2I’s workshop to discuss the pilot of the WHO Collaborative Registration Procedure for Vector Control Products in Benin last September, five countries signed up to join the CRP pilot scheme. I2I invited key representatives from National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) in each country, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana, to join a workshop in Arusha, Tanzania, to launch the pilot scheme hosted by WHO Facilitated Product Introduction and Prequalification (PQ) for Vector Control.

The workshop provided an opportunity to introduce and discuss the proposed guidelines for the WHO Collaborative Registration Procedure (CRP) for vector control products (VCP). Valuable contributions from the NRAs helped to provide understanding of their current processes and proposed approach to accommodate the pilot.

Key topics discussed included:

  • Processes for the NRA to use the CRP VCP.
  • The draft CRP VCP guidelines.
  • The management of local efficacy trials.
  • The presentation of the Prequalification Unit (PQT)/VCP assessment reports, including chemistry/manufacturing, safety and efficacy.
  • The proposed template for NRA abridged assessment.
  • Inspection aspects.
  • Post-registration management.

Open sessions were also organized with manufacturers to present the CRP VCP pilot and next steps.  The selected pilot product (an insecticide treated net) will be submitted during February and the plan is to finalize the pilot by June/July 2024.

Workshop on Country Registration Procedure

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