Optimising Uptake of New Tools

Current Priorities

  • Facilitate increased use of WHO PQ decision making documents by country teams;
  • Support development of post-listing approaches for quality control of new products;
World Malaria Day

Net Misuse. World Malaria Day was celebrated in Mali with a skit from community leaders. The skit shared proper use of bed nets as many people in the community were misusing the nets. The skit was enjoyed by many.


  • WHO PQ and stakeholder liaison facilitated for key decision documents;
  • Stakeholder feedback disseminated on latest PQ approach in various areas such as data requirements, testing guidelines and post market activities.
  • Seminars coordinated at key academic institutions to discuss WHO PQ process and data requirements;
Mosquito net demonstration

Mosquito net demonstration -GHSC-PSM is currently working together with the Ethiopian government structures at different levels to efficiently and effectively distribute 6 million long lasting insecticide-treated nets (LLINs) in four regional states of the country. Community members in Afambo woreda of Afar State attend a demonstration session organized by health extension workers on the proper use of mosquito nets in households. GHSC-PSM together with the Afar regional state effectively planned, coordinated and is distributing about 523,000 nets in the region