Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

Raising the standard of product testing and data quality through supporting GLP certification of trial sites and manufacturer-generated data.

Workstream Membership


  • GLP certification of PAMVERC-KCMUCo site in Tanzania
  • Delivery of GLP Quality Assurance and Computer Systems training to all sites
  • Development of site facility matrix and search tool
  • Sustainability and business planning support to African and Chinese sites via workshop and ongoing assistance

Current Priorities

  • Continued technical support and GLP certification of sites
  • Drawing up and sharing of Best Practice SOPs for laboratory testing of vector control products
  • Development of a Global Testing Capacity Forecast

Search for Testing Sites

IVCC and WHO support a number of trial sites to be fully GLP compliant for the laboratory testing of vector control products.

Enter your testing requirements below to discover which of these sites meet your needs.

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Standard Operating Procedures

Please see below some ‘best practice’ SOPs for the Phase I and Phase II testing of LLIN and IRS products.

i2i is making these available to share what it sees as best practice from various testing sites around the world. A number of other experts have also been involved in reviewing and refining the SOPs provided.

It is hoped that the SOPs will prove useful to testing sites, and help improve the reliability of data produced in the evaluation of these life-saving vector control tools.

The SOPs are deliberately not formatted as they are intended to be subsumed into the specific SOPs of the individual testing sites (should they see fit) and adapted to their local conditions.

As ever with exercises such as this, amendments will be suggested as people begin to use the SOPs. So please send any suggestions or issues to [email protected], and we will include these in the next update of the procedures.

The acknowledgements of those who contributed to this process, both as suppliers of SOPs and/or expert reviewers, can be found here.


i2i would like to acknowledge the following people and institutions for their valued assistance in compiling the SOPs.

For leading the work and technical oversight:

  • Alex Wright,  consultant to i2i
  • Graham Small, IVCC

For participating on the expert panel for IRS:

  • Richard Oxborough, Abt Associates
  • Corine Ngufor, CREC
  • Chouaibou Mouhamadou, CSRS
  • John Lucas, Vector Control Works
  • Fabrice Chandre, IRD
  • Salum Azizi, IHI
  • Edi Constant, CSRS
  • Matt Kirby, PAMVERC-KCMUCo
  • Sarah Moore, IHI

For participating on the expert panel for LLINs:

  • Abdoulaye Diabate, IRSS
  • Sarah Moore, IHI
  • Joseph Chabi, Abt Associates
  • John Gimnig, CDC
  • Mark Rowland, LSHTM
  • Matt Kirby, PAMVERC-KCMUCo
  • Corine Ngufor, CREC

For participating on the GLP workstream review of SOPs:

  • Rajpal Yadav, WHO
  • Caroline Reghelini, WHO
  • Karl Malamud Roam, consultant to WHO
  • Dave Malone, Sumitomo Chemical
  • John Lucas, Vector Control Works
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Phase II
Phase I
Phase II