2017 is shaping up to be an important and busy year. Notwithstanding other key issues that may arise as the year goes on, the I2I priorities as we see them now are as follows:

  1. Supporting roll-out of the new PQ system and facilitating feedback from stakeholders on their user experience
  2. Aligning QC and QA approaches between procurers, countries and WHO
  3. Collaborating on insecticide resistance management and supporting catalytic funding initiatives to more rapidly introduce new efficacious tools
  4. Engaging country regulators and assisting WHO/RSS to streamline registration processes
  5. Supporting the GLP initiative with developing Best Practice SOPs, site capacity-mapping and sustainability plans
  6. Scoping for China/Asia-focused convening, tentatively in 2018

We look forward to resuming this work with you early in the New Year. Regular workstreams calls will commence in January and we are also in the process of planning group meetings to progress these priorities at the RBM VCWG meeting in Geneva on 8th – 10th February, and of course at the I2I Convening in London on 29th – 30th March.

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