The I2I GLP workstream is developing a testing site matrix to collate information on the capacity of the sites currently being supported by WHO and IVCC to become GLP compliant.

It will also give an overview of the sites’ development as they move towards GLP compliance.

With input from WHO, IVCC and the sites themselves, the tool will present a summary of relevant information on the sites and put it within easy access of the manufacturers who will be using them to test their products.

As such, it is designed to be a useful guide as we move towards the goal of 100% manufacturer-generated data.

The matrix will be a live document that will be updated quarterly to reflect the progress of sites towards GLP compliance, and also to capture any changes in their capacity.

Going forward, we are interested in hearing if partners find the matrix useful and of any suggestions for improvement, so please do get in touch.

The first iteration of the matrix will be shared on the I2I website in Q1 of this year, but in the meantime a summary document showing progress against GLP compliance plans can be found below.

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